Thursday, 8 November 2012


In continuation of the freebies i started last week, this week i will be releasing a step by step guide on how to unlock network-locked blackberry.

Due to the recent frenzy for blackberry and its data management, more people are being lured into its use since it offers one the opportunity to use a smart phone and still pay less for data due to its friendly data packages.

This have increased the market base for fairly used blackberry phones especially those used in the western word, where most phones are used on contracts and therefore they are locked to that particular network. There is a great market for those phones since they come very cheap, the only challenge mostly is how to unlock it and use it on other gsm networks.

Normally one need to pay the company to unlock these phones. But the good news today is i will be giving u a software and steps to unlock your blackberry phones for FREE!

1. Download the BB unlock code calculator HERE.

2. Extract and open it.

3. Put your BB imei number and mep number as seen below.

4. Click calculate and you will get this:

5. Copy out the MEP2. This is your unlock code.

6. Put your new sim into the BB phone, switch it on and then input that MEP2 code you copied and OK!

7. Congratulations your BB is now free!

Please, do drop comments or questions.



  1. Great post bro please next post with more mep list will be add thanks advance.

    1. Will do that bro. Thnx again for your comment.

  2. Thanks for giving information.Here i wish to add my own unlocking experience.
    recently i unlocked my Blackberry mobile phone using network unlock code.I bought an unlock code from Here i unlocked my mobile phone within a day.I like their services.

  3. Look, people lock phones for security reasons. So when the phone is stolen strangers won't have access to you private things. So pls don't post these kind of stuff here so you won't make it easy for phone thieves

  4. this program is different (which is in the link) would you please email it for me?