Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Most Powerful Money Making Program In Nigeria Today!

      You can’t grow beyond what you know – Anonymous. Every day and night I keep studying books and browsing the internet constantly for vital information that are capable of improving my Self and Net worth.
      As one of my Code of Conduct which is “Helping Others Succeed”. I have decided to unveil to you a discovery that blew me off my chair and kept me screaming Eureka!
                      Introducing The Prestigious Onwealth Club
      Onwealth Club is a membership site created by the internationally known guru Anthony Chukwurah, he is the MD of Antlead Innovations LTD.  I have come across a lot of membership site but this one I must confess is ultra exceptional and unique, more grease to your elbow Sir, may God continue to bless you with more wisdom.
      I won’t full you with many benefits out of sentiment, as usual I will KISS i.e. Keep It Short and Simple, I will just go straight to the point so just follow through.
      As a member of this club you will get to enjoy many mouth watering opportunities like; how and where to import second handed cars for as low as $500 (N80k), where to buy high quality UK used laptops for as low as N12k with where to buy UK high quality slightly used Blackberry phones for as low as N7k, that is not all you will discover hidden proven investments of over 30 years that banks do that can earn you more than $20 - $100 daily (This is one of my major stream of passive income), he has also uncover an e-book that will teach you how to create a website in less than 60 minute I guess you might doubt that, other opportunities included are; how to start a bulk SMS business with virtually no start up capital, another mind blowing information contain in the membership area is how to buy from Paypal without funding your Paypal account and how to easily buy from Clickbank directly in Nigeria the list are countless and the information are invaluable, because of his generosity and passion of making you rich, he has also decided to give you back 2/3 as commission for every one you refer, that’s a whopping N10k with that alone a lot of smart guys have start earning N 300k - N500k monthly by helping others succeed, you will get to discover more when you visit the site.   
       Now, I believe you can’t afford to ignore such an opportunity except you know it all, I am also sure that by now some questions will be running through your mind like how do I become a member?, what is the membership fee?, can their be a discount for me? Etcetera, well don’t worry, just read through the next paragraph carefully.
       Firstly, in order to join visit now, on the top left hand side of the site click on Join here (Make sure your sponsor’s username is “default”), fill in your details and click on submit. Secondly, membership activation fee is N15k only, I think it worth it. Thirdly, there is no discount on membership fee period.
       But as an appreciation for reading through this article and as my own contribution towards your success I will refund to you N5k after you activate your account alongside a special bonus pack worth more than N5k free. Just reach me via with the subject “Onwealthclub Refund Plus Bonus”, make sure you include your Username, Full Name, Email address and Mobile number. Act Now And Grow Rich.
       PS: In other to receive my refund and free bonus pack make sure you join using this link  Thank you for reading, hope to see you at the top! 

NB: This is a guest post from Everest. A good friend.